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Sports and Energy Drinks Destroy Teeth!

Sports and Energy Drinks Destroy Teeth!
Sport, energy and soft drinks are leading to unprecedented levels of decay and loss of tooth enamel (dental erosion) in a new generation of youth and young adults.

The over-consumption of sugary, acidic drinks, such as boxed juices, sports drinks, energy drinks and soft drinks, is reversing more than 50 years of public health gains realized though preventative measures such as fluoridated water and dental sealants.

Soft Drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks and boxed juices have a double dose of acid and sugar that may destroy teeth. Acid softens enamel and chemically dissolves the outer layer. This is dental erosion. Softer enamel is more susceptible to decay.

Sugar feeds the bacteria which cause tooth decay. Drinks are liquid candy, which easily pools between and around the teeth. This promotes bacterial growth and decay.

Super sizing a drink increases the contact time and causes more damage. Sipping small amounts over time leads to cumulative destruction. The longer it takes to drink a sugar laden, acidic drink … the greater the damage.

Sports and energy drinks have more acid than soft drinks. When one is dehydrated with no saliva, the acid in the sport and energy drinks dissolves enamel more quickly. Sipping a sugary, acidic drink all day while driving, studying or working dissolves enamel and promotes cavities.


  • Drink in moderation.
  • Use a straw.
  • Drink at one sitting or with food.
  • Drink water to rehydrate.
  • Use fluoride and re-mineralizing products.
  • Drink milk. Its neutral pH of 6.7 and 1 tsp of lactose (sugar) per 12 ounces are healthy for teeth.
  • Professional fluoride treatments done twice yearly for adults and children suggested.


Acid & Sugar Content of Common Drinks
The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution with pure water in the middle of neutral pH7. As the chart below indicates, the lower the pH, the stronger the acid.

Drinks or substance

(12 oz serving)





Root Beer411
Minute Maid Orange Juice3.89
Propel Fitness Water3.41
Red Bull Energy Drink3.310
Mountain Dew3.312
Diet Coke3.0
Sierra Mist3.110
Full Throttle Energy Drink311
Diet Pepsi30
Sunkist Orange Soda2.913
Vault Energy Soda2.912
AMP Energy2.811
SoBe Energy Citrus2.612
Minute Maid Lemonade2.610
Diet Schweppes Tonic Water2.50
Coca Cola2.410


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