Dry Mouth A Common Problem and Commonly Undetected
Scott Chanin, DMD, FAGD,FASDA

Dry Mouth, commonly known as Xerostomia, is a medical condition that occurs
when your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva or there is a change in the
quality of the saliva. It can have a significant impact on the quality of your life and
oral health if it is not discovered early and managed effectively.
Up to 65 percent of the population suffer from dry mouth. The causes are
numerous, from everyday medications to common health conditions, and people
who take multiple medications are more likely to suffer from it.

If you have the following symptoms it is time to talk to your dentist and discuss
treatment of dry mouth.
1. My mouth is and throat feel dry and sticky
2. I have an ongoing need to drink water to quench my thirst with temporary
3. It is difficult to speak or swallow
4. My lips are dry and cracked
5. I have been told I have bad breath
6. There is a burning sensation in my mouth
7. My tongue is dry and rough
8. I am getting more cavities

Dry mouth makes it difficult to chew, taste, swallow and speak. It also increases
the risk of cavities. Dry mouth can silence you from speaking. If you have the
symptoms listed, talk to your dentist and hygienist about your symptoms. They
can help you fight back and get effective and convenient relief.

Dr. Chanin at Diamond Dental Associates can help you evaluate your dry mouth
conditions and symptoms. Then we can discuss treatment solutions and options
to relieve your dry mouth and protect your teeth from cavities. Don’t put it off,
get a solution today.