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What Chlorine Does to Your Teeth

Some people have white spots on their teeth.  The spots can be the result of decalcification of the enamel after orthodontic treatment due to poor home care.  Plaque around orthodontic brackets can cause the enamel on the teeth to turn white or decalcify, which is the start of the decay process.  White spots can also be present from the time the teeth erupt into the mouth, being a developmental defect. It is also common to see white opaque areas around the gum line,  that are a result of plaque accumulation and acid formation that causes the teeth to decalcify, which is the first step in the decay process.

By using the icon process, white spot lesions can be removed by a process called ICON, resin infiltration.  The white spot lesions disappear without drilling or any physical alteration of the tooth structure. In this   special proces , a clear resin is absorbed by the affected tooth surface and the tooth regains its natural color.  This is a permanent process and the white spot lesions do not come back.

Icon requires no local anesthesia or tooth preparation.  It is totally non-invasive and entirely pain free. The entire process takes only one visit and is usually complete in about an hour.   If you see white spots on your teeth, or your children’s teeth after orthodontic treatment, call Diamond Dental Associates, and Dr. Chanin will be happy to discuss this treatment with you and if it is appropriate to treat these lesions.  

Icon, a pain free treatment to remove unwanted white spots on your teeth and give you the beautiful smile that you deserve.

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