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A Few Thoughts about Replacing a Missing Tooth/Teeth.

Are you unhappy with your smile? Have you been missing a tooth or teeth for a while? Are you having
problems chewing comfortably? Do you have dentures that do not feel comfortable and secure? Dental
implants may provide you with a solution to these situations.
Dental implants can give you the ability to smile with confidence providing lifelike teeth that look
completely natural. No longer will you have to worry or be embarrassed about your smile. They will feel
like your natural teeth and fit perfectly in your mouth.  You can chew and eat normally and you can say
goodbye to pain, infection and sensitivity.
Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. They can be used to hold dental bridges
and dentures in place. There are many possible combinations, making implants one of the most flexible
ways to replace missing teeth in dentistry today.
If you are missing just one, isolated tooth then consider getting a lifelike single-tooth implant to fill the
gap in your smile or replace that missing molar so that you can chew more effectively. A single dental
implant is a durable and lasting solution that gives you the strength of a real tooth. Similarly, if you are
missing several teeth in an area, they can be combined to hold a permanent bridge. An implant-supported
permanent bridge uses implants to secure the bridge. This can be a more economical alternative than
multiple single-tooth implants for people with multiple missing (3 or more) teeth in a row.
Do you have a denture and hate it? Does it hurt? Is it ill-fitting? Does it constantly move when you eat?
Are you tired of goops and glues to give you confidence to go out in public with your dentures? Dental
implants can also be utilized in situations where an individual has all of their teeth missing in one or both
Conventional dentures can be difficult to use for some patients since they tend to move. An implant-
supported denture is removable and fits over attachments placed in the jaw. The denture is then securely
held into place by these attachments. Many people discover improved confidence in function, speaking,
comfort, and security all while having good esthetics with a more economical solution. This might be
your best option if you already have dentures but they are loose or uncomfortable. In some instances,
existing dentures can be secured with 2 or 4 implants.
Dr. Eric Schoenebeck is happy to bring this valuable service to Diamond Dental. He looks forward to
bringing his 10+ years of implant experience to Dr. Scott Chanin and his team and provide you with the
smile that you have always wanted!

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