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Creating a New Smile with a Smile Makeover or Smile Upgrade

Transforming less-than-perfect teeth into a stunning, superstar smile is a source of immense gratification for the cosmetic dentist and the patient. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry restores and improves the health and integrity of the patient's teeth and, just as...

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How Can Dental Fluoride Help Protect Teeth From Decay?

Dental fluoride combines with the minerals in your teeth to form a stronger, more acid resistant enamel. When the acids produced by plaque on your teeth start to break down the minerals in your tooth enamel, a process called demineralization begins. Demineralization starts by weakening the enamel and leads to small cavities at first but can progress into large areas of decay and eventual tooth loss.

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Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

Brushing in the right way, with the right tools is essential. While it is important to visit the dentist regularly, you also want to make sure that you’re choosing the right tools for the home, as well. An electric toothbrush actually comes with many benefits that you may not have realized before. With their help, many people are seeing healthier, cleaner teeth overall.

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Acid reflux? Your dentist may notice before you do

If you’ve been diagnosed with gastroesophageal acid reflux disease, or GERD, your dental health might be at risk  Most people recognize heartburn: that painful burning sensation radiating from inside the chest. Persistent symptoms, more than twice weekly, may be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD.

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Icon – A new way to remove white spots from your teeth

Some people have white spots on their teeth.  The spots can be the result of decalcification of the enamel after orthodontic treatment due to poor home care.  Plaque around orthodontic brackets can cause the enamel on the teeth to turn white or decalcify, which is the start of the decay process.

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Things You Should Know About Getting a Whiter, Brighter Smile, Still Time to Get a Brighter Smile for the Holidays!

Brushing and flossing are everyday ways to keep your teeth bright, white and healthy. Still, if you might feel like your smile is lacking some sparkle or is more yellow than it used to be, you’re not alone. When the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked people what they would most like to improve about their smile, the most common response was whiter teeth.

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Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

 There is now an alternative to surgical periodontal treatment.  In many cases, soft tissue management can be combined with some medicine placed below the gum line to kill the bacteria that cause periodontal disease and soft tissue pocketing. This medicine is supplied in the form of a medicament embedded in a small chip that is inserted under the gum line.

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Periodontal Disease and Increased Blood Sugar Levels

Gum disease is an infection by germs in the gums around the teeth. It is one of the most common infections in people around the world. In its more serious form- known as “periodontitis”-the infection is long lasting. The soft gums and bone around the teeth dissolve over time. This can lead to loss of teeth.

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Do You Snore? We can help!

If you snore loudly and often, you may be accustomed to middle of the night elbow thrusts and lots of bad jokes.  But snoring is no laughing matter. That log-sawing noise that keeps everyone awake comes from efforts to force air through an airway that is not fully open.

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In Office Fluoride Treatments Not Only for Kids Huge Benefit for Adults Too!!

Fluoride isn’t just for children. The use of fluoride can benefit both children and adults. Research has shown that fluoride applied directly to teeth is important for fighting decay. Everyone should use fluoride toothpaste every day. But some adults are at higher risk of decay than others. They might need more intensive use of fluoride.

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What Chlorine Does to Your Teeth

People spend countless hours swimming during the summer because of the exercise and fun. However, pools present a hazard to your teeth because of the pH balance caused by chlorine and other chemicals in the water. Take a look at how chlorine affects your teeth.

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A Few Thoughts about Replacing a Missing Tooth/Teeth.

Are you unhappy with your smile? Have you been missing a tooth or teeth for a while? Are you having problems chewing comfortably? Do you have dentures that do not feel comfortable and secure? Dental implants may provide you with a solution to these situations.

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What to do if Your Tooth that is Knocked Out

Dentists refer to a knocked-out tooth as an “avulsed” tooth. This is one of the most serious dental emergencies for permanent teeth. However, the damage can be fixed. If you act quickly, there’s a good chance the tooth can be saved.

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Bruxism – A Sleep Problem, Your Dentist Can Help!

Do you have one or more of the following
● Flattened areas on your teeth
● Tight or sore jaw when you wake up in the morning.
● You make a loud grinding sound with your teeth while you sleep.
● You feel tired from not getting a good

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The Truth About Tooth Decay

The Truth About Tooth Decay
Scott Chanin, DMD, FAGD

Teeth have a protective outer layer called enamel. This layer is harder than bone and …

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Our Office also offers in-office whitening treatment, which minimizes sensitivity while giving you a beautiful and white smile!
Consult our office to find out more information about these treatments, or any other services we can offer you.

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